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At Kenningtons Primary Academy, Key Stage Two teachers are helping children to be the best that they can achieve the most they can in the SATs tests in May. At eight o’clock in the morning, children attend school for a booster . In this club children will learn some extra reading and maths skills that they know but are not confident in using. They also enjoy a hot chocolate and a breakfast treat.



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Super school sports. 

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Hello, this is Lola and Katie about to update you on our school’sports. Every Wednesdayday after school Mr Coyne, our PE  Teacher, holds an athletics club for children in key stage 2, who are interested and talented at athletics.

“I really enjoy it and feel this is a great way to exercise. I personally feel that I am good at javelin and running. I have a feeling that Kenningtons will win the District competition as we’ve got some good people,” reprted Dami, a child athlete in our competition. The competition will be at BLackshots in four weeks time.


Nursury’s tropical trip! 

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On the 30th March, the nursery will be going on a trip to Tropical Wings and meeting all the butterflies and birds  – wonderful animals that are waiting. The children are super exited to see all of the animals. In a couple of weeks, we will do a blog about all that they experienced! Have a great time Nursery.


some quick information 

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Hello – this is Lola and Sean here ready to update you on our brilliant school. For your information, year 6 have a school trip ( for free ) to the Coal House Fort; you have until Friday 11 of November 2016 to give permission for your child to go.

A few days ago, we had a lady come in from the NHS ,which stands for National Health Services, to talk to the children about sugar. THese are a few brief events that have happened lately in our our super amazing school.


Introducing the new team 

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Hello, we are the news school bloggers. Our names are Lola,Sean,Charlie,Dami,Ayo,Hilda,Megan and Katie. Firstly, the people in 6N are: Lola,Sean,Dami and Megan. Secondly, the people in 6K are:Charlie,Ayo,Hilda and Katie. We will be posting every week and updating you on what is new at Kenningtons Primary Academy. Please comment on what you would like to know about our amazing school and don’t forget to comment.


Music competition 

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Today we had our Interhouse music competition. It was hard for the judges as the houses were all very good. Everyone had fun and each house tried their best. We all sang Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself by Jess Glynn  and every group had to perform one solo. The results we really:

1st place Warerene!

Joint 2nd place Dacre and Leonard

3rd place Barret did

Well done to all of the houses as it was a very close competition. Everybody should be proud of their house.


New Activities 

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Recently, our school has been starting some ideas and we will tell you all about them…

Firstly, we have started Walk The World where every student in our school walks a mile per day. Every lap around the school is half a mile so we are planning to, everyday, walk two laps or more! At the end of the week, in assembly, we will get to see how far we have walked around the world.

We have also started a Mathletics Club where children who need assistance in maths will go to a meet-up area and practice Mathletics! During a lunchtime we can get support on maths! What a great and fun idea! Not only all of this but every question you answer in this club will go towards Mathlete of The Week, when in each class we announce the child who got the most percent of questions correct for that week.

Our school is coming up with amazing plans for us and in the future everyone hopes we will make more! Thank You everyone who takes part in these activities!


Year 6 SATs 

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As many already know this week is SATs week. All of the year 6 children have been working hard to Complete the tests 
Well done to all children who did these hard frustrating tests.

On Monday was a Reading Paper. This test was really difficult but everyone tried their very best! There were three texts that we had to read and then answer questions about them.

The next day, Tuesday, there was a Spelling and Grammar Paper. We had to answer questions to test our knowledge on Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. It was quite a challenge!

Then on Wednesday was an Arithmetic Test. We had to answer a range of calculations. We also had a Reasoning Paper; we had to answer complex, worded questions in 40 minutes.

Finally, tomorrow will be our final paper – another Reasoning Paper. It will be very similar to the last one with we suspect some topics not yet included.

Well done to all the year 6 children!


Sporting events 

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Last week and weekend were very busy! We had lots of sporting events that took place. These included:

Borough Olympics trials and a netball rally.

In the Borough Olympics we try out for different events such as: long jump, sprint, long distance, relay, ball throw, shot put and javelin. Congratulations to all the people who were chosen to represent Kenningtons and good luck!

This Saturday both the A and B teams of our netball team participated in a netball rally. Read our next blog for all the details!

From the bloggers .


Match report 

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On Thursday 10th of March, Kenningtons Primary netball team played a match against Harris. The first game was good, as we got in a few points. Leading into the second game, we began to worry as we knew their skills. However overall,  we pulled through and won 19:0! As a result, we won the league for the first time in 3 years! Well done to all of the team.